Hj Norazam Datuk Ab Samah
B.Arch (Hons) UiTM Shah Alam
Master of Disaster Studies UKM Bangi
Greatest Achievement: Contribution to humanity relief missions worldwide

Hj Norazam Datuk Ab Samah is an Architect by profession, graduated in Bachelor of Architecture from UiTM Shah Alam in 2000. Passionate for humanity, he pursued his Master degree in Disaster Management and Policy and graduated from UKM Bangi in 2020. He then continued with his  PHD specializing in Recovery and Reconstruction Management at Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Center, Malaysia Japanese International Institute of Technology UTM Semarak.

Azam’s work experience includes designing hospitals, universities, health centres, commercial buildings, orphanages, housing developments and bungalows.

Azam has an enormous passion for humanitarian services. He joined MERCY Malaysia in 1999 and was elected as Executive Council member of MERCY Malaysia in 2000 and later in 2011 he was elected as the Vice President. He volunteered in humanitarian and relief missions to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia in Aceh, Nias, Jogjakarta, Bengkulu, Padang, Mentawai, Lombok, Palu, in Gaza, Turkey, Japan, Syria, Djibouti, Euthopia, Somalia, Nepal, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Yemen, North Korea and as well as in local missions in Malaysia. He has more than 20 years’ experience working closely with people and community in need at disaster lands struck by earthquake, tsunami, flood, war, typhoon, liquefaction as well as community services missions locally. He is now the Advisor for Technical Team MERCY Malaysia who had successfully designed and project manage the construction and completion of 27 projects in Indonesia during his 4 years’ service as Head of Operations for Mercy Malaysia in Indonesia. His biggest breakthrough was to bring together a masterplan for Nias General Hospital which was damaged due to earthquake. The masterplan managed to attract funders from Japan, China and Singapore to contribute to the hospital infrastructure rebuilding.

With his vast experience in international projects, Azam has acquired valuable technology and engineering practice from developed countries such as Japan, Iran, Turkey and other disaster-prone countries which require designing anti-seismic and anti-cyclone technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction purposes.

Azam is well equipped to lead AZAMAS to become an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility projects focusing in project relevance both from the perspective of the client and the beneficiary.


Ir Hjh Mastura Tan Sri A Nordin
B.Eng (Hons) in Civil & Structural Engineering
The University of Sheffield, UK
Greatest Achievement: my kids

Ir Hjh Mastura Tan Sri Datuk Wira Ahmad Nordin is a Professional Civil & Structural Engineer graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK in 1989. Mas’ work experience includes working in Leeds, UK for White Young Consulting Engineers and Andrews, Kent & Stone for 2 years and then in Malaysia with Arup Jururunding, Sapura Group of companies and Dewarisan Corporation Sdn Bhd. She has more than 10 years hands-on design experience which includes designing Portal Design Industrial Building, Commercial Buildings, Multi Level Carpark, Shop-Offices, Bungalows, Toll Plazas, Highways, Telecommunication Infrastructure and some inputs on anti-seismic designs. She also has more than 20 years experience in managing multi-million ringgit infrastructure projects nationwide specifically in the telecommunication industry.

She attained her Professional status in the year 2004 in line with her father’s aspiration to build an empire of NORDIN Group to support the building industry with in-house self-contained professional expertise having Architect, Professional Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Lawyer and Accountant within the group/family.

Ir Mastura has excellent leadership and vast project management skills. She is very committed to see success in whatever she undertakes.

She is the wife of Norazam and together with their four children supports the humanitarian efforts of Norazam. It gives great satisfaction to bring joy to people in need.